Ghoumrassen is a place in Jebel Haouia (between Medenine and Tatouine) where both the modern town and the old one are interesting and impressive.
As the sun sets and temperature drops after the hot summer day, people go to city centre and have a few hours of social  life until the darkness becomes too dominant.
The modern part is a delightful city into the river valley between the mountains. The streets are busy but friendly.
Ghoumrassen has a very popular Friday suuq, and the town is known for its olive oil as well as a special type of doughnut called ftair. 
The old houses along the mountain side
Next to the zawiyya the mountain has been transformed into a fortress. So if the houses would have to be abandoned in case of a attack, people could save themselves on top of the mountain.

Most of the houses on the eastern side of the zawiyya have fallen. There are only a few quarters that are in good condition.

The sanctuary (zawiyya) is built around the holy man (marabout) Sidi Moussa Ben Abdallah.
Closer to the zawiyya, you realize that this is one of the sights that are best viewed from a certain distance.