Are you a woman looking for cheap car insurance? Well, you may have a slight advantage just by being a woman. Car insurance companies look at a wide range of data to accurately underwrite auto insurance policies. Statistics show that women drivers actually are involved in fewer auto accidents than men. Finding cheap car insurance for women drivers is not an impossible task.

The savings on car insurance premiums in relation to gender is most apparent during the teenage years. Cheaper car insurance for young women drivers is much easier to find than that for a teenage male. It is not uncommon for car insurance premiums of a policyholder who adds a teenage male onto a policy to experience a 100 percent increase in premiums paid.

The disparity between cheap car insurance premiums for women compared to that of men seems to level out after the age of 25. You can find cheap car insurance for women by traditional methods or online. A great advantage to online shopping for cheap car insurance for women is that you can easily get multiple competitive quotes that you can compare in the privacy of your home. 

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Car insurance for Women - Diamond UK 

Car insurance for Women - Diamond UK

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Our car insurance is created just for women

Diamond is a car insurance company created BY women FOR women because we recognise that statistically they are better drivers. At Diamond we realise that when it comes to car insurance, price is extremely important. We also know that you expect a fast and friendly service.

Its cheaper for women!

Generally, women have the same number of accidents as men, but your claims cost us less so we pass the savings on to you.

 Save even more..

You can earn your No Claims Bonus sooner with the Diamond Bonus Accelerator policy. It runs for 10 months instead of 12 but at the end youll earn a full years No Claims Bonus.

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AIG comprehensive car insurance quotes for women starts at only €310 giving you real value on your Car Insurance.

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