Butterfly tattoo - a symbol of femininity

If you have decided to tattoo yourself, are you looking for tattoo ideas? 

The tattoo should have a sense. 
It is very difficult to choose a single tattoo from the endless possibilities. 
If you are looking for a female tattoo, the butterfly motif is just right for you! 
It is modern and feminine and it is the best womens tattoo.
Tattoos with butterflies are very popular among women.

Butterfly tattoo

The butterfly tattoo is a good choice for the ladies. 

There is a great variety of types and you have to consider the location, the design and the color. 
These tattoo motifs look great everywhere on the body and can be nicely combined with other elements. 
For example, the look of the tattoo is completely changed by the addition of asterisks, flowers or leaves.

The most important meaning of butterfly motif is beauty and elegance. 

The butterfly wings are full of color. 
Thats why you can combine the colors. 
The butterfly is a symbol of change and metamorphosis. 
If you have experienced a change in your life, this tattoo idea is suitable for you! 
The flight of the butterfly is assumed among the people as a free, independent relationship with nature. 
You can keep that in mind if you are a freedom-loving personality.

Butterfly tattoo

The ancient Greeks have believed that the butterfly embodies the human soul. 
Souls are born, live, die and are reborn. 
Thus the butterfly has been perceived as a symbol of a journey of the soul.

Butterfly tattoo

No matter what you believe, you will agree that the butterfly has a natural charm and you have to make a tattoo with butterflies delicate and fine. 

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Butterfly tattoo