Save Sea

After being in the industry for many years, we have learned the whole business of selling sea life for pets and public aquariums is a "Replacement" type of renewable income at the expense of the dead(irreplaceable) ocean life that is going extinct because of the needless taking of more creatures to feed the never ending black hole called the "Aquarium Industry".

Collected by the millions everyday from the most important ecosystem on earth they are treated like a product not a life because fish, corals and inverts do not have any rules on how they are treated like other pets.

So the industry uses chemicals to poison the creatures to die in a few weeks after the sale so more can be sold next month to home and public aquariums.

This multi-billion dollar money making machine never sleeps, stops or tries to take better care of the life they claim to care about and even hides behind false words like, education, conservation, sustainability or non-profit.

The truth is they are killing us all by causing the extinction of sea life everywhere because they have no rules or laws to protect them from being mistreated or abused.

If they took a million dogs or cats (a day!) and poured gasoline on all of them for fleas it would be illegal and someone would do something about it but sea creatures can be tortured and killed by any means and nobody can or will do anything legally about it because they are "just fish" and don't matter like other pets.

This is not only unfair but it is wrong.

Something needs to be done about this injustice that will affect us all before it is too late.

Please help the forgotten sea life worldwide by sharing and passing this information on to your friends.